Among others, Johan Styrud, chief physician and chairman of the Medical Association in Stockholm, wants to see that risk groups and care staff get a "united file" in the vaccination process.

He has pointed to the order in Finland and emphasizes the importance of healthcare working first and foremost.

- Now we have started with the special accommodation but will have parallel vaccinations of different groups some distance ahead, says Magnus Thyberg.

Hear him talk about who is prioritized and when it may be relevant to vaccinate the hospital's healthcare staff in the video.

Skåne vaccinates emergency personnel

Region Skåne, on the other hand, decided on Monday to re-prioritize.

Vaccinations of emergency medical staff begin even before the highest-priority group in elderly care has been vaccinated.

In Västra Götaland, the regional board wants to make a similar change to the order.

Stockholm's Health and Medical Care Regional Councilor Anna Starbrink (L) wants the Public Health Agency to provide the regions with guidance on the issue.

“Vaccination of healthcare staff, not least at IVA, is important.

It's about protecting those who work to protect us all from covid - especially people at risk.

I want the Swedish Public Health Agency to quickly examine the issue and clarify how the priorities should be made.

It is important that we have equal care with the same priorities throughout the country ", writes Anna-Starbrink in an email to SVT.

"In Stockholm, we are now reviewing the possibilities of speeding up phase 2 of the vaccination, which includes healthcare staff, so that they can quickly gain access to the protection they need."