Politics are on fire over a former presidential pardon card taken out by Democratic Party leader Nak-yeon Lee.

The ruling party went on to suture with conditional amnesty as backlash continued inside and outside the party, but this time the opposition party strongly opposed it.

The political movement, reporter Jeong-Hyeon, will tell you.


[Nak-Yeon Lee/Deputy Democratic Party Representative (Yesterday): I believe we must develop into a politics that achieves national unity.

(Amnesty) I mentioned my loyalty.]

The aftershock of the two former presidents' pardon cards thrown by Democratic Party leader Nak-yeon Lee continued today (4th).

Following the conditional amnesty yesterday that the party's reflection comes first, there was also an open criticism from the party's top committee that today, impatience should not be confused with desperateness.

[Yang Hyang-ja/In addition to the Democratic Party's Supreme Council Member: This is possible when the debate is ripe enough for the people to agree.]

However, the senior members of the Party must have had insights into the splitting in conflict. I added strength to the sutures, such as stiffening.

In the opposition party, where there was also a reaction that welcomed the amnesty, it became furious when the condition of reflection was met.

Pro-Lee Jae-oh, former lawmaker Lee Jae-oh, accused him of "treating former presidents as mischief in the market," while one pro-Park-gye lawmaker was cowardly and cruel.

The leadership of the people's strength turned over to the Blue House, saying that the president had to deal with the confusion of passport feet.

[Ho-Young Joo/People's Power, Representative of the Park: You should not use the amnesty tactically or play around with the amnesty.

In anticipation of President Moon Jae-in's decision...

.] The

Blue House maintained its stance on stage, but it was also detected that CEO Nak-yeon Lee was a bit impatient.

The contact points between the opposition parties over the amnesty are becoming increasingly distant, and the coming 14th, when former President Park Geun-hye's ruling is confirmed, is expected to be another inflection point.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho and Ha Ryung, video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)