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Please give us the first news today (4th).

<Ko Hyun-jun/Current Critic>

It happened in China, and the fight in a library in China is

drawing attention


This is because the robots, it was also an argument between artificial intelligence and AI robots.

It is a library in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China, and two AI robots facing each other are talking.

When one robot says'let's stop fighting' or'don't get angry', the other robot gets angry, saying'it seems difficult to forgive you'.

These robots were deployed to guide and entertain visitors in the library. They can sing and dance, and they are known to have a learning function through interaction with visitors.

The robot fight, which is known to have been filmed by a library visitor, has recently garnered a hot topic with over 500,000 views on social media in China.

There were also reactions to whether it was manipulation or directing, but most netizens were amazed at the robots arguing as if they were lovers.

Fortunately, the two robots that were cold were said to have reconciled after three days.


I really don't know how far AI technology has gone.

These days, it seems that it has decreased a lot, but the spread of Corona 19 is getting more and more due to the Korean eating habits.

<Ko Hyeon-jun / Current Affairs Critic>


It was pointed out that Koreans' eating habits of gathering together and eating food with a spoon had an effect on the spread of Corona 19.

The medical community is citing eating habits as one of the causes of the spread of Corona 19 in Korea.

The fact that saliva drops can be spread as food as they eat without taking food, especially among families, is believed to have had a lot of influence on the spread.

Looking at the recent trend of corona confirmed cases, the spread between families is not small enough to account for 1 out of 4 people.One expert said that one of the reasons for the high rate of infection among families is sharing one food, and direct infection through saliva. He pointed out that the chances of becoming become very high.

In the case of side dishes, the risk of infection may increase due to the mixing of saliva in the process of eating with chopsticks. Therefore, he advised that it is necessary to improve the eating habits of eating rice, soup, and stew separately.

Prior to Corona 19, it has been pointed out that this eating habit is not hygienic, but there is still a lack of improvement in awareness about the already hardened eating habits.


Still, it seems that you need to be a little more careful as the situation is.

Finally, you said the EV subsidy policy is changing?

<Ko Hyeon-jun / Current Affairs Critic>


It is said that the EV subsidy policy will change from this year, so those who plan to buy electric vehicles should listen carefully.

Since 2013, the government has provided subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles to improve air pollution.

As there is no upper limit on vehicle price, there was a point that imported car makers that sell expensive electric vehicles benefit a lot.

If you purchase an electric vehicle with a price of less than KRW 60 million, you can receive the full subsidy, but models that are more than KRW 60 million and less than KRW 90 million can only receive 50% of the subsidy, and if it exceeds KRW 90 million, you cannot receive it at all.

The EV subsidy is calculated based on the price excluding VAT, so even if the consumer matches the price excluding options or purchases for less than KRW 90 million through the manufacturer's own discount promotion, the subsidy will not be available.

The scale of the subsidy was also reduced, with a maximum of 4.2 million won in fuel economy subsidies and a maximum of 2.8 million won in mileage subsidy to pay 7 million won, which is 1 million won less than last year.