• Pope: "It will be a happy new year if we love our neighbor: we need a heart vaccine"

  • The Pope at the Angelus: "Pandemic teach us brotherhood to build peace"

  • Te Deum, Pope Francis thanks those who helped in the pandemic


January 03, 2021 "We do not know what 2021 will bring but we can do more to take care of each other. There is the temptation to take care only of their own interests, continue to wage war or focus only on the economic profile".

Thus Pope Francis, at the end of the Angelus.

And then he addressed "a special greeting to those who are starting the new year with greater difficulties: the sick, the unemployed, those who live in situations of oppression or exploitation".

In this period many, despite the coronavirus, have thought "only to take the holidays, to their own pleasure: this saddened me so much", because these people did not "think about those who stayed at home, about the economic problems of so many people, to people thrown to the ground ", Pope Francis said, after the Angelus.

"As Christians we shy away from the fatalistic or magical mentality. We know that things will get better to the extent that, with God's help, we work together for the common good by focusing on the weakest, the disadvantaged".