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United States, there is extreme confusion, such as waiting in a long line for more than 10 hours to get the vaccine.

In the midst of this, President Trump, whose tenure is short, continued unfounded claims that corona deaths and infected people were exaggerated.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung reports from Washington.

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car procession, which started the night before, continues for a long time even on bright days.

Waiting for more than 10 hours became the norm in states where the first-come, first-served, first-come, first-served vaccines for elderly people.

[Jahil Jamal/Vaccinator (waiting for 13 hours): We were lucky to get the vaccine.

But many people just went back.

This is a worrisome situation for the general public.]

There are many places where you can stand in line and stay outside for a long time.

[Al Curry/Vaccination Applicant: We wanted to keep waiting in line, but we had diabetes and couldn't eat.

I fell on the street and didn't want someone to take me, so I went home and ate.] The

United States has vaccinated 4.2 million people.

It is far short of the plan to inoculate 20 million people by the end of last year.

[Jessica Rivera/Infectious disease expert: There was a delay, and it's disappointing.

Each state has no choice but to survive on its own.]

President Trump has raised claims that the corona19 deaths and infected people have been exaggerated without evidence.

The federal government criticized the state for delivering the vaccine quickly, but for being slow.

On the 20th, Biden is inaugurated as president, but President Trump is encouraging supporters to join the protests against the presidential election three days later.