The road to purifying the war epidemic in the United States

  Author: Pang Yan

  If you make a wish for 2021 to make the U.S. war against the epidemic more pure, it may become the voice of many Americans.

  Recently, "playing down and denying the new crown pneumonia epidemic" has won the top spot in the 2020 "Annual Lie" selection by US media.

After a whole year of fear and anxiety and the "most deadly" December, people have a more mixed experience of the "worst lie not only harmful, but also fatal."

  When the outbreak started in early 2020, the current US government has repeatedly denied and concealed some facts, deliberately downplaying the epidemic.

From treating the new crown virus as a "large flu" to suggesting the injection of disinfectant to kill the virus; never testing to prove that there is no epidemic, to the surge in confirmed deaths, which is the world's first performance; from using lies to suppress authoritative epidemic prevention scientists, to Inserting "informants" to tamper with epidemic prevention information; from pressure on "problematic vaccines" to come out to help elections, to boasting that vaccines will end the epidemic once and for all...Washington politicians rarely really focus on public health policy discussions, but do not stop using lies to cover lies , Leading the road of US epidemic prevention to no return.

The outside world generally believes that although the vaccine for "rush to work" has begun to be vaccinated, the United States will remain in the darkest months in the early months of the new year.

  What is trying to cover up behind the lies are political calculations and political interests that are inseparable from the political agenda for the whole year of 2020.

In order to boost the election situation, the White House has continuously spread the "political virus", "shake away" the responsibility of the spread of the epidemic and ineffective epidemic prevention, and "withdraw from the group" and cut off the WHO.

CNN’s comments have long predicted that the election season will be full of conspiracy theories about China and the new crown pneumonia.

In addition, in order to ensure that the glamorous economic data will not drag down the election, many Republican states once blindly restarted the economy, and the epidemic situation in the United States fell into desperation in the second half of the year.

Normal public health measures such as wearing masks and quarantine at home have been turned black and white by lies, and have become political expressions for dividing dissidents. They have also become political tools for politicians to win support and suppress opponents in elections.

Even if the dust settles for the presidential election, the two parties are still fighting fiercely between Congress for the election of the senator and the control of the future Senate. They treat the deprivation check as an election check and ignore the fate of ordinary people who cannot wait for the bailout.

  Throughout the year, people’s differences were manipulated and amplified by lies, and it was difficult for society to unite and fight the epidemic.

Severe diseases such as racial discrimination and the gap between the rich and the poor have emerged in the midst of the division, and the epidemic has worsened.

It can be said that under the dual influence of the accelerated evolution of the international landscape and the US election, Washington has completely put the international zero-sum game and domestic partisan contention above the epidemic prevention.

  Of course, there are too many lies, and in the end it will only make the deceiver reap the consequences.

Defamation of science by scorning the virus through lies has on the one hand hit the morale of American scientific professionals and led to the loss of a large number of public health officials. On the other hand, it has also caused many people today to disregard that vaccines are either unsafe or worthy of vaccination.

The Associated Press reported that during the epidemic, hundreds of state and local public health officials in the United States resigned or were fired due to excessive work pressure, defamation and threats of violence, and disagreements with political figures.

A poll released by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) previously showed that 27% of the people are negative about whether to get vaccinated, and 39% of the people remain on the sidelines.

  The differences in the words and deeds of some officials also constitute part of the lie, which not only confuses the public's judgment on epidemic prevention, but also weakens the official authority and credibility in leading the epidemic.

For example, Secretary of State Pompeo ignored the severe epidemic and insisted on hosting 900 family members of diplomats for dinner. The Mayor of Denver urged the public to avoid travel and traveled by plane on his own. The Mayor of San Francisco held a birthday party in the restaurant.

  As of the first day of the new year, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States has exceeded 20 million, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 350,000.

In the past “most deadly” December, there were more than 60,000 deaths from new crowns, including one death every 33 seconds, 3,725 deaths in a single day, and 400,000 infections in a single day.

  Professionals point out that vaccines are still far away from providing a complete immune barrier.

To prevent the surge in infection cases, the United States should purify its path to fight the epidemic, and keep lies and politicization away from epidemic prevention.

Only by down-to-earth public health measures such as maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently, testing cases, and tracing close contacts, can we go out of the dark.