Our military guarding the Korean Peninsula was no different from any other year.

Soldiers who were silently carrying out their duties sent greetings to the new year.

Reporter Hak-Hwi Kim delivers greetings from the soldiers instead.

<Reporter> From

early in the morning, Yulgok Yi-ham crosses the coast of Busan.

Navy soldiers on the lookout, can't take their eyes off the telescope.

[Sergeant Jang Su-ah/Naval Operations Command 7th Mobile Troop: As an advanced naval and advanced naval


I will surely fulfill the mission assigned in the new year of 2021.]

There is also the air force, the highest power to protect the Republic of Korea.

The F-15K on a patrol flight over the East Sea has delivered new year's resolution.

[Major Jae-soo Lee/Air Force 11th Fighting Wing: The Air Force will firmly protect the Korean airspace in the new year.]

Mobile training is in full swing at the Army's K2 tank, the leader of the battlefield, at the Pocheon Promotion Training Center in Gyeonggi Province.

[Lt. Colonel Kang Wan-hee/Army 11th Division Panzer Search Battalion: We hope that 2021 will overcome Corona 19 and move forward vigorously.] The

northernmost part of the West Sea is guarded by a demon-catching marines.

[Corporation Min-gyu Choi/The 6th Marine Corps Brigade: This year, the Marine Corps will surely fulfill the noble mission given by the state and the people.]

Following his grandfather, the 6·25 veteran, the USFK, serving in Korea, also delivered a New Year's greeting.

[Orlando Sergeant Colon/USFK: I wish all of us a new year 2021 filled with love and joy.

Let's go together.]

Even at this moment, the soldiers of the ROK Army are striving for peace in the Republic of Korea and the safety of the people.