This dish, which has been very popular with us for a few years, comes from South America and more precisely from Peru.

It is in a way their version of tartare, made with fresh fish.

The fish is actually "cooked" by the acidity of the lemon which makes up the recipe.

(denaturing of proteins) It would be derived from a preparation that already existed among the Moche (Peruvian people living 2000 years ago): fish marinated in chicha (fermented corn juice).

This fishermen's dish was modified with the arrival of the conquistadors (they were the ones who brought citrus fruits).

It then spread throughout South America from the 16th and 17th century and comes in many different ways (octopus, shrimp, sole, tuna ...) 

Saint-Jacques ceviche recipe for 4 people:

- 12 beautiful fresh scallops

- 1 red onion

- 4 limes

- 1 pear

- 2 tbsp of chopped fresh coriander

- 25 gr of black radish


 Cut the Saint-Jacques in half in the direction of the height


 Peel the pears and cut the black radish into pieces of about 1.5cm per side.


 Take the juice from the lemons and water


 Marinate for 30 minutes


 Add the red onion cut into thin slices and the coriander