• Events: A network composed of minors who spread child pornography as WhatsApp stickers falls

The National Police have arrested 34 minors accused of sharing child pornographic material on Instagram in recent months.

In addition, there are seven boys who lack criminal responsibility because they are under 14 years old.


disseminated unpleasant images of three sexual assaults on children and babies filmed outside of Spain

and assure that they did it for fun without knowing the criminal horizon they faced for the possession and distribution of the images.

Among the officials of the Group III for the Protection of Minors of the Central Unit of Cybercrime of the Police who have carried out the

Koda operation,

perplexity reigns.

They have never seen such disgusting images despite the fact that they have been

infiltrated for


in this sordid world of pedarastas and pedophiles


"One of the videos they shared was the sexual assault on a five-month-old baby and the boys were not aware of the horror of that act. In the end, he was a real child who has suffered that at one point in his life and the kids they could not see the extreme gravity of the images, "explains one of the police officers who has conducted the investigation since the beginning of the year.

"It is true that we are used to seeing very repellent material every day, but in this case it has been very unpleasant due to the age of the child who starred in it," he underlines.

When one of the detained minors was asked why he was broadcasting the videos, he responded with laughter.

He assures that he did it as a "joke" while he was out on the internet without any surveillance, without any filter.

The minors declared that they received the images by WhatsApp groups and then they viralized them on Instagram.

"They are kids who are in a violent WhatsApp group

where a lot of images of rapes, murders, beheadings arrive," explains the official.

"They are groups formed by many people and where friends put friends and so there are dozens of minors who do not know each other and the purpose of the group is to spread sexual assaults, homicides and the most atrocious thing they can find. At least 45 boys released these videos by the Instagram messaging platform ", highlights the agent of Group III for the Protection of Minors.

The investigation began when Spanish agents received various information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Minors (NCMEC) in the United States, for the alleged commission of various crimes of prostitution and corruption of minors.

In the aforementioned operational information, the National Police were informed of the alleged commission of

criminal acts through a social network, committed by users in our country.

It was the social network itself that denounced through NCMEC that several of the users of its application in Spain had shared unequivocal audiovisual material of child sexual exploitation.

Of the total number of complaints analyzed, 51 people related to these events were identified.

Of them, 45 were minors and, of these,

seven were unimpeachable and the youngest is 11 years old


Subsequent investigations finally resulted in the location and arrest of 40 people -34 of them minors- in the provinces of Alicante (2), Barcelona (8), Valencia (3), Vizcaya (3), Álava, Córdoba, Cádiz, Madrid (7), Tenerife (2), Malaga, Murcia (2), Asturias (3), Guipúzcoa, Seville (3), Gran Canaria and Zaragoza.

"Parents have been left speechless when we have detained their children," says the police.

"They do not know what to say, since they do not expect that, they are normal kids who go to high school and have a normal life and they do not expect the Police to enter their homes or summon them to tell them what their son has done ", emphasizes the Police that explains that all the minors have happened at the disposal of the Office of the Juvenile Prosecutor.

The National Police warn users of any social network of the importance of

not sharing or storing this type of sexual images and videos featuring minors

, since they would be committing a crime.

In case of locating this type of illegal content, it is advisable to report it on the social network itself or make it known to the National Police.

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