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you heard, both the nominee Kim Jin-wook and the nominee of the Attorney General Park Beom-gye were former judges.

The Blue House's explanation is that it is a person with the presidential will to establish and settle the airlift and complete the reform of the prosecution.

This is reporter Jung Kyung-yoon.


Kim Jin-wook, the head of the Ministry of Public Affairs, has been a special investigator in the special investigation team in the case of the Mint Corporation's strike induction, but he has served as a researcher in the Constitutional Court for a long time after serving as a court judge and attorney.

[Kim Jin-wook / Airborne Minister Nominee: I am well aware of the expectations and worries of the people of the public for the launch of the Airborne Division.

Although I am not enough, I will do my best to prepare for the personnel hearing.] The

Blue House official emphasized that “I know the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution well through the activities of the secretary of the judiciary committee of the National Assembly,” regarding the nominee of Justice Minister Park Beom-gye.

Introducing Park's work is the same.

[Park Beom-gye/Justice Minister Nominee: I will listen to the voices of the people and complete the prosecution reform.]

In 2013, Park, who cheered for Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, a motive of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, saying'Suk-yeol is the older brother', but was aggressively driven by this year's national audit Spouse.

[Yun Seok-yeol/Prosecutor General (Last October, during the state affairs audit of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office): Isn't that an optional doubt?

You didn't do that to me in the past.]

Today (30th)

I saved my


[Park Bum-gye / Justice Minister Nominee: (I'm interested in your relationship with President Yoon Seok-yeol, please tell me. What kind of relationship do you expect to have?) I'll tell you later.]

Both positions excluded from the prosecution and filled the former judges. Gun, Cheong Wa Dae officials explained that the president's will to speed up the reform of the prosecution again was embedded in the prosecution reform with the launch of the airlift.

Now, all that remains is expected to be the National Assembly's personnel hearing and the offensive on the National Power Day.

Attorney General Chu Mi-ae, who stepped down, said today, six days after the suspension of the disciplinary enforcement of President Yoon, "I am very sorry for causing great confusion to the people." He said, "It is difficult to accept the court's procedural fault point."

(Video coverage: Cho Jung-young, Jeil, Video editing: Chae Cheol-ho)