Yesterday (30th), two more domestic confirmed cases were confirmed to be infected with a mutant virus from the UK.

There were 5 members in total, up to 3 family members who returned from the UK earlier, and the quarantine authorities are closely watching the possibility of spreading to local communities.

Reporter Kim Hye-young reports.


Additional confirmed mutant virus infections are men in their 80s and women in their 20s.

A man in his 80s entered the UK on the 13th with two family members.

Since then, he was quarantined at an officetel in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, but died after falling in the corridor of the officetel on the 26th and being moved to a hospital.

The quarantine authorities say they have identified a British mutant virus in full-length genome testing of the man who died.

Three members of the man's family were also tested positive for COVID-19, and are currently being checked for mutant virus.

In particular, one of them is known to have visited hospitals, beauty salons, and marts in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, after returning to Korea first on the 8th of last month and being released from self-isolation.

Fourteen people, including neighbors and paramedics, who had contact with this family were tested negative on the first screening.

Another confirmed mutant virus was a woman in her twenties who arrived from the UK through Dubai on the 24th.

This woman is currently being quarantined at the Life Therapy Center.

Experts are advising that monitoring should be further expanded at present to prevent further spread of the mutant virus.