TikTok ban in the United States: the Trump administration strikes back

The Trump administration persists in its battle against the social network TikTok, which it accuses of being in the service of Beijing.

Here at the platform's US headquarters in Culver City, California, November 17, 2020 © Valerie Macon, AFP

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The standoff continues between the outgoing Trump administration and TikTok.

Washington appealed Monday, December 28 of a court decision, in its hope to kick the Chinese social network out of the United States or to pass it under a star-spangled banner.

Become the pet peeve of the White House in 2020 and forced to pass under the American flag, the network could play the watch until the arrival of Joe Biden in Washington.


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The US government announces in a brief statement to appeal, three weeks after the decision of Judge Carl Nichols.

On December 7, this magistrate suspended an


order aimed at

banning TikTok from American soil


Signed in August, the text invoked " 

threats to national security

 " to take action against

the short video platform

which claims 100 million users in the United States.

The US President of Donald Trump accuses

the brand of the Chinese group ByteDance of siphoning their data for the benefit of Beijing

, which ByteDance rejects.

An attempt therefore deemed " 

arbitrary and capricious

 " by the magistrate.

The same judge Carl Nichols had already blocked in September an order aimed

at forcing Apple and Google to remove the social network from their application stores


The decision of the appeal trial in this case has been reserved.

A hearing before a court of appeal is scheduled for February on another component.

This time, following up on a Pennsylvania judge ruling not to prevent other companies from providing essential services to the TikTok platform.

At the same time,

Washington and TikTok conducted unsuccessful negotiations

, Donald Trump wanting the platform's American activities to go under the American flag.

According to a specialist, ByteDance could however make them last while waiting for the nomination of Joe Biden.

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