China News Service, Seoul, December 29 (Reporter Zeng Nai) South Korean police announced on the 29th that the late Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon had closed the case involving sexual harassment and decided not to prosecute.

  Park Won-soon was found dead in the early morning of July 10 this year, and the police determined that he had committed suicide.

The suicide of Park Won-soon caused a great uproar in public opinion, and the police established a task force in July to investigate.

On July 11, local time, a burning incense station was built outside the Seoul Metropolitan Government Building for the public to express condolences to the late Mayor Park Won-soon.

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  The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on the 29th that it had conducted investigations on the people involved in the case over the past five months; due to the death of Park Won-soon, there were limitations in confirming the facts. According to relevant laws and regulations, the case was transferred to the prosecutor with a temporary non-prosecution opinion.

  In response to the investigation of the cause of Park Won-soon’s suicide, the police said that through the forensic investigation of Park Won-soon’s official mobile phone, it was determined that the death process had nothing to do with the crime; comprehensive consideration of various factors, the specific motive was not disclosed.

  In addition, in response to the investigation into the alleged threat of indecent assault by the deputy mayor of Seoul, the police stated that they also made a decision not to prosecute and transferred to the prosecutor due to insufficient evidence.

  Park Won-soon was born in 1956 and is one of the potential candidates for the next Korean president.