The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


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Across the world, giant monoliths have appeared overnight in recent weeks, sometimes in the middle of nowhere.


Le Point


, after Utah, Romania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, or even Le Havre, where large metal blocks have recently been discovered, this time it is in San Francisco that a monolith nearly two meters high appeared.

The construction was spotted on the morning of December 25.

Merry Christmas from San Francisco where a gingerbread monolith appeared overnight at Corona Heights Park.

- Karl Mondon (@karlmondon) December 25, 2020

The giant Christmas gingerbread

But unlike the other structures, for which the meaning is still intriguing, this time the context of the end of the year holidays plays a big role.

Indeed, the monolith discovered in California is made of gingerbread.

Many people came to immortalize the scene and some even took a bite of it.

Someone's outright taking dicks out of it now

- James Bradbury (@jekbradbury) December 25, 2020

the cookie has crumbled

- Gabe Castro-Root (@CastroRoot) December 26, 2020

It was discovered by a jogger in the early morning in Corona Heights Park, guessing by its smell that it could be eaten.

Park officials intended to keep the structure, but it collapsed the next day.

No one has yet claimed its production.

The mystery around these mysterious constructions remains intact.

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