Munich (dpa / lby) - Four out of ten Bavarians deliberately do not want to undertake certain projects for the coming year because they are difficult or impossible to implement due to the corona pandemic.

It should be the lesson from the past year, when every second person found it more difficult to stick to the resolutions they had made due to the contact restrictions and other requirements.

This is suggested by the results of a representative Forsa study on behalf of the health insurance company DAK, which are available to the German Press Agency.

Nevertheless, many Bavarians are going into the new year with good intentions: 63 percent each want to be more environmentally and climate-friendly or want to reduce stress.

Almost a similar number want to spend more time with their family and exercise more.

Every second person would like to eat healthier and have more time for themselves in 2021, every third person wants to lose weight.

And 28 percent want to spend less time on their cell phones, in front of the computer or on the Internet.

Last year, according to the survey, 44 percent - including more men than women - had good resolutions.

A fifth of them gave up in the first lockdown in the spring, in total only a good half of them lasted longer than two or three months.

According to their own information, it was more difficult for younger people and women to implement their resolutions because of Corona.


Incidentally, the motivation for a healthier life mostly comes from within: 74 percent stated that their personal feeling of being too fat, too stressed or too limp leads to resolutions such as losing weight, more exercise, less sweets or more time off.

In around every second person, an acute illness was the decisive factor in themselves or in a group of friends.

The request of the doctor or partner to do more for your health also carries weight.