Intervention of a helicopter after an avalanche in the mountains.

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Eleven climbers have lost their lives as a result of avalanches in the mountains north of Tehran, according to the Iranian Red Crescent, which announced on Sunday the end of the search operations launched last Friday.

“After three days of searching, the bodies of the eleven climbers […] were found,” the Red Crescent said on its Twitter account.

The tragedy occurred this Friday after "avalanches and blizzards" in the mountains of Dar Abad, according to the official agency Irna.

On Saturday, rescuers had announced the discovery of eight bodies and the continuation of an operation led by a helicopter to find the missing.

Twenty groups mobilized

A ninth climber succumbed to his injuries in hospital on Sunday, before the bodies of two others were found, according to the Iranian Red Crescent.

At the same time, the humanitarian organization declared "to have saved 14 climbers" during searches.

The latter mobilized 20 groups of rescuers.

Tehran is located at the foot of the Alborz Range, which stretches about 900 km from northwest to northeast Iran.


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