Mülheim (dpa / lnw) - After months of restrictions on one of the most important railway lines in the Ruhr area as a result of a tank truck fire near Mülheim, train traffic has been running regularly since Monday morning.

In the early morning a makeshift bridge was released for this purpose, which had to be built after a massively damaged railway bridge was torn down.

The tanker truck with 35,000 liters of fuel on board came off the road on September 17 and caught fire under several railway bridges.

At the wheel was a 41-year-old from Essen who was injured.

The public prosecutor's office in Duisburg assumes that the driver was “very heavily drunk” as the cause of the accident.

The fire caused great damage to the roadway and bridges. Three bridges had to be demolished. The autobahn was also closed for a good two weeks. Travelers and commuters on the important train route across the Ruhr area had to accept considerable restrictions. A missing bridge still affects the S-Bahn traffic: only replacement buses continue to run between Mülheim and Oberhausen.