Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) - In North Rhine-Westphalia, the first residents of retirement homes will be vaccinated against the corona virus today.

In all 53 districts and urban districts, 180 vaccine doses are to be administered to residents and employees.

The vaccine was only brought from Belgium to the country's secret central warehouse on Saturday - a total of 9,750 doses.

There it should be portioned.

The vaccine will only be delivered directly to the individual facilities on Sunday.

The plan is for the material to be in the homes by 12 noon.

In the individual municipalities there are often two institutions that receive the very first delivery of the material.

Many cities and counties have kept secret which institutions the vaccine will go to first.

In Cologne, a 92-year-old resident is said to be the very first Cologne resident to be vaccinated this morning.

Mayor Henriette Reker also wants to attend a press conference.

Mobile teams with doctors are available in the homes to mix and administer the vaccine doses in the facilities.

Once mixed, the vaccine must be given within six hours.


The country expects more than 270,000 more vaccine doses by the end of the year.

In January, more than 140,000 doses of the Biontech vaccine will be delivered weekly.

NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) hopes that immunization in the retirement homes will be largely completed by the end of February.

"Then a lot would have been won on the Covid front," Laumann said on Wednesday in Düsseldorf.