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Japanese government has decided to temporarily suspend new entry of foreigners from around the world from tomorrow (28th) to the end of January next year. Special countermeasures have been put in place as the strain of Corona 19 infection from the UK continues to spread in each country and the spread in Japan continues.

Reporter Kim Hye-young on the report.

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Japanese government announced last night that it will temporarily suspend entry for new foreigners from tomorrow to the end of January next year.

Accordingly, in Japan, the issuance of new visas for foreigners will be suspended from tomorrow to the end of January next year.

Foreigners who have already received a visa are only allowed to enter the country if they have not visited the UK and South Africa within 14 days prior to applying for an entry permit.

However, the Kyodo News Agency reported that businessmen and students from Taiwan and 10 countries including Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand that agreed to ease special travel restrictions will continue to enter the country.

The reason the Japanese government has come up with such a countermeasure is due to the emergence of a variety of corona19 infections from the UK.

In Japan alone, 7 people have been infected with Corona 19 from the UK so far, and in Italy, 6 additional infections have been confirmed in Naples.

Following France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Singapore, and Australia, there are four cases in Spain and one in Sweden.