For 3 hours, Europe 1 takes stock of the news to observe it from all angles and understand it better with numerous interviews and editorials.

The current interview: 

Philippe Gueydon

, Managing Director of the

King Jouet


, co-president of the Federation of Specialized Shops in Toys and Children's Products -FCJPE.

On Boxing Day, an update on the toy sector at the end of 2020 marked by the health crisis (top sales, 2019 comparison, estimate of losses, digitization of services)

The political interview: 

Jean Rottner

, emergency doctor and LR president of the Grand Est region.

Are we going to reconfine in France after the Christmas holidays?

While the epidemic situation has deteriorated sharply in the Grand Est, Jean Rottner fears a saturation of hospitals in the region and calls for re-containment in early 2021

The Icons interview by Michel Denisot: 

Véronique Sanson

, singer.