Hanover / Bremen (dpa / lni) - In the fight against the corona virus, after months of preparation, the first vaccinations should also be given in Lower Saxony and Bremen on Sunday.

On Saturday, Germany, like other EU countries, was supplied with the first batches of the vaccine, while distribution to the federal states began via 27 centers.

People who are particularly at risk are to be the first to receive the preparation from Biontech and Pfizer.

The vaccine was approved by the EU shortly before Christmas.

The first batch of 9,750 vaccination doses is planned for Lower Saxony.

Because a double vaccination is necessary, almost 5000 people can be vaccinated with it.

The country is expected to receive an additional 117,000 doses of vaccine by the end of the year.

The vaccinations begin in nursing homes and retirement homes.

Prime Minister Stefan Weil and Health Minister Carola Reimann (both SPD) therefore visit a home in Bad Rothenfelde in the Osnabrück district on Sunday.

A mobile vaccination team will be on duty there.


In Lower Saxony, 964 detected new infections with the corona virus were reported on Boxing Day.

According to the Ministry of Health on Saturday (9:00 a.m.) in Hanover, the number has increased to 102,614 infected people since the beginning of the pandemic.

Five people have died from or with the corona virus since Friday, the total number rose to 1,175 deaths.

The Covid-19 disease mainly affects older people with previous illnesses.

That is why Lower Saxony and Bremen, like other federal states, give absolute priority to vaccination in retirement homes, before it is the turn of other groups of the population.

In Bremen, Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD) and Health Senator Claudia Bernhard (Left Party) come to a retirement and nursing home in the Findorff district.

There is also mobile vaccination.

The central vaccination center for Bremen has been set up in an exhibition hall.


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