Berlin (dpa) - Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) has signaled support to the German fishermen after the Brexit trade pact negotiated at the last minute.

"For the fishery, the result means painful cuts - in the future some of the catches in the North Sea will have to be dispensed with," Klöckner explained on Friday in Berlin.

The minister emphasized that the agreement with a transitional period of five and a half years, quota regulations and guaranteed access to fishing grounds gave "at least a certain degree of planning security".

“But it is also clear that we must support the fishermen and give them support in this difficult situation.

Looking to 2026, it will be important to find a long-term solution. "

Klöckner did not give details of possible help.

After extremely lengthy negotiations, the EU and Great Britain finally agreed on a Brexit trade pact on Christmas Eve.

This averted a tough economic break at the turn of the year at the last minute.

The agreement is intended to reorganize relations between the island and the continent from January 2021 and includes fishing, among other things.


Access for EU fishermen to UK waters was a final sticking point in the negotiations.

The compromise stipulates that EU fishermen will be allowed to fish 25 percent less in British waters during the transition period.

This should then be determined annually.

According to Klöckner, "almost all of our herring catches and over half of the mackerel catches in the North Sea are caught in British waters".