Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) - The Christmas mood at SV Wehen Wiesbaden fluctuated after the bitter cup knockout in the penalty drama against second division Jahn Regensburg between frustration and satisfaction.

«We are brutally disappointed that we did not get any further.

But also proud of the way we performed here, ”said coach Rüdiger Rehm after the nerve duel lost 2: 4 from the point.

Previously, the Hessian third division soccer team had defied the favorite in 120 goalless minutes on Wednesday evening.

"We held up well and my team called everything," praised Rehm.

«We have had 19 competitive games since September.

Getting through the games with a small squad is incredibly exhausting. "

Phillip Tietz and Dominik Prokop could not convert on penalties.

As a result, Wehen missed the third place in a cup round of 16 after 1988/89 and 2008/09 and the associated bonus of more than 700,000 euros.


«We are sad about the result, but we can be proud of our performance.

We wanted to present ourselves at eye level with Regensburg.

We succeeded, ”summed up defender Sascha Mockenhaupt and added, with a view to the further course of the season:“ With a little distance we will analyze that we have done a lot well, but simply have to deliver in the crucial moments. ”

There is not much time to catch your breath.

On New Year's Day, Rehm asks his players to train again, two days later there is a test at MSV Duisburg and on January 9th, the promotion fight continues for the sixth player in the 3rd division with the home game against Halleschen FC.

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