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Kombouaré not glamorous enough, Ancelotti left for Real Madrid, White unable to reach the last European square, Emery weighed down by the Barcelona "remorada" ...

Before Thomas Tuchel, whose dismissal was announced by several media, the Paris SG Qatari version has used four other coaches, none of which will have lasted more than three seasons.

- Kombouaré, the world before -

He is the one who experienced the takeover of PSG in the summer of 2011 by the Qatari fund QSI, and the club's transition to another dimension.

Antoine Kombouaré, in place for two years, was a good coach for the Ligue 1. But not to claim the European elite, according to the new owners whose primary objective is the Champions League.

Sporting director Leonardo disembarks him after half a season, to bring in Carlo Ancelotti, with a much better CV.

Ironically, while the Parisians are leading the championship at the time of the dismissal of Kombouaré, they will finish the season second, dolphins of Montpellier.

- Ancelotti, the ephemeral -

It is Ancelotti who was the first to play the new version of the PSG.

Twice winner of the Champions League with Milan, the Italian obtained in the summer of 2012 two first world-class reinforcements: Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The club confirms its transformation into a major in Europe, by marching on the French Championship.

In C1, the course ends in the quarterfinals against FC Barcelona.

But proof that Paris is still not one of the very best clubs, "Carletto" remains only a season and a half in the capital, yielding in the summer of 2013 to the sirens of the all-powerful Real Madrid, where he won in 2014 a third C1.

- White, stagnation -

To compensate for Ancelotti's departure, PSG, eager to internationalize its image, was looking for a star European coach ... but fell back on the very Franco-French Laurent Blanc.

Champion of France 2009 with Bordeaux, White comes out of a mixed experience on the bench of the France team, still marked by the disaster of the World Cup-2010.

However, he is largely up to the task, establishing the hegemony of PSG over France with eleven national titles gleaned out of twelve possible.

Which earned him to be the first coach of the QSI era to be extended, in February 2016.

Alas, it is his failure a month later in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Manchester City, the third in a row at this stage after Barcelona in 2015 and Chelsea in 2014, which justifies his departure at the end of the season with a staggering severance pay, in an atmosphere of end of reign.

- Emery, humiliation -

With Unai Emery, triple winner of the Europa League on the bench of Seville, PSG believes to hold the foreign coach who will bring him closer to a victory in C1.

Lost bet.

Under the leadership of the Basque, the club even regresses, with 2017 in annus horribilis.

Deprived of the Ligue 1 title by Monaco, PSG especially suffers the worst humiliation in its history in C1, the famous "remount" against Barça in the round of 16 (4-0, 1-6), the biggest turnaround ever seen in the European Cup.

The spectacular arrival of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé in 2017, for the astronomical sum of 400 million euros, does not remedy this.

Still eliminated at the eighth stage by Real Madrid, future winner, Emery was dismissed in the summer of 2018.

- Tuchel, the unloved -

He finally broke the glass ceiling but never felt the recognition: Thomas Tuchel brought PSG for the first time to the C1 final, only beaten by the untouchable Bayern Munich (1-0).

Sportingly, the German gives his + spirit + to the team.

The players who had so often collapsed mentally in Europe are now returning compromised situations, against Dortmund, Atalanta Bergamo and then in the group stage of the 2020-2021 edition.

But the transplant never really took.

Not very charismatic, he gets along neither with the supporters nor with the leaders, whom he sometimes publicly scratches.

"We never had the feeling that we had convinced people and that they recognized our performance. Sometimes that makes you a little sad or angry," he said in an interview with German site Sport1 published this week.

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