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Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, negotiations defining relations between the UK and the European Union were settled dramatically, leaving one week in the transition period.

Worries about no-deal Brexit will disappear, and the Brexit will be completed in four and a half years on January 1st next year.

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UK and the European Union signed an agreement, including a free trade agreement, nine months after the EU began negotiating future relations.

This is a dramatic agreement that came a week before the end of the so-called'Brexit transition period', which was until the end of the year.

The beginning of the new year was avoided by the chaotic British withdrawal from the EU, a'no-deal Brexit' and the great economic turmoil that would come.

In the coming year, the UK and 27 EU member states will continue to be guaranteed to trade in goods without tariffs or quotas.

[Von der Lyen/EU Executive Chairman: It was a'long and winding road', but we had a good deal.

It's a fair and balanced trade, right and responsible for both sides.]

In the fishing industry, which has been an issue, both sides have made little concessions.

In the UK waters rich in fisheries, the EU's catch quotas have been reduced by 25% over five and a half years.

Britain's Prime Minister Johnson says that as an independent trading nation, it will take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to sign trade agreements with partners around the world.

[Boris Johnson / Prime Minister: We dwaetgo allow us our gakkul the land and the environment in the manner you've chosen, you will be an independent state to completely control our waters for the first time since 1973 -

both sides Parliament ratified through negotiations Will take effect next year.

As of last year, the volume of trade between the UK and the EU amounted to 680 billion pounds and about 13 trillion won in Korean money.