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worst Corona 19 situation continues in the United States, but the airport is crowded with people trying to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

The U.S. government has secured another 100 million Pfizer vaccines and is working to secure additional supplies.

This is Kim Soo-hyung, correspondent from Washington.


Ahead of the Christmas holidays, American airports are crowded with tourists.

Over 1 million people travel by plane a day.

[Janine Pierre/Holiday Traveler: Disney World gives refunds, but airlines don't.

So, we decided to have a Christmas holiday at Disney.

I got to go because I had to take a plane.] On

Tuesday, 3,400 people died of coronavirus, the second most since the incident.

After the Christmas holidays, there is a beep sounding that something more serious is going to happen.

[Pouch/National Institute of Infectious Diseases Director: In addition to the difficulties we are already experiencing, there will be an explosion of infection.

This coming January will be a very difficult time.] The

US government has secured 100 million doses of Pfizer's corona vaccine that can be hit by 50 million people, and has decided to supply it by the end of July.

With this, the United States has secured 400 million doses of vaccines that can hit 200 million people, combined with Pfizer and Modena vaccines.

[Walensky/Next CDC Director Nominee: Having more vaccines is much better than having less.

We need to vaccinate the arms of more than 300 million Americans.] The

New York Times reported that the US government has signed an additional contract in exchange for supporting Pfizer to obtain vaccine raw materials through the Defense Goods Production Act.