Chinanews, December 23. According to the US "World Journal" report, Christmas is the day to give gifts.

In 2020, everyone is plagued by the epidemic and needs gifts for comfort.

For fear of the risk of infection in shopping malls, Chinese prefer online shopping.

  Recently, the backyard of the post office in the United States is filled with various goods.

Affected by the epidemic and holiday online shopping, the delivery time is also longer than in the past.

Some Chinese worry that the gifts will not be delivered on time, and temporarily become Amazon members, hoping to deliver the gifts before the holiday.

  Avoiding the epidemic at home also suffers children, so many Chinese parents are also buying toys for their children.

Chinese Ms. Li said that children cannot go out to play, and can only rely on toys to support them at home, so they have been buying different toys for them.

She bought famous-brand building blocks for Christmas, and her father bought Thomas’ train and bought a gift for the child on behalf of Santa Claus.

But because I really didn't know what to buy, I went to the mothers' group for help.

  The son of Chinese mother Ms. Xue likes dinosaurs, so he bought dinosaur books and dinosaur toys for her children for Christmas.

She said, in fact, since staying at home to avoid the epidemic, packages have been delivered to home every week, mostly as gifts for children.

  Many women also gave gifts to themselves.

Chinese Ms. Liu recently started with popular Korean skin care products.

She said that this year because of the epidemic, taking care of the young and old at home was exhausted and wanted to reward herself. Now cosmetics are basically idle and skin care is the king.

  Ms. Yang believes that there must be a sense of ceremony during the festival.

It is now more practical to spend a few hundred dollars on skin care.

She prefers Japanese high-end brands. Although it was difficult to buy in the United States before, now related brands have official websites in the United States, making it easier to buy.

  Many companies work from home, and there is a lot less entertainment in the workplace, but interpersonal relationships need to be maintained.

Ms. Wang bought yoga gear for a good colleague and mailed it to the other party's home. A receipt was also included so that the other party did not like to return or exchange it.

She said that she was meeting online now and wanted to cheer each other up with gifts.

In addition, she bought an Amazon gift card for her child’s teacher and sent it along with the thank you email, which was quick and practical.

(Zhang Hong)