"Male panda" daughter body?

Japanese giant panda baby was admitted to wrong sex

  [Global Times reporter Wu Ming] "Male panda" is actually a daughter?

According to a report from Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun on the 22nd, a baby panda born in the "Adventure World" in Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, was born because the distance between the anus and the urethra was longer than that of ordinary female pandas. Falsely judged as male.

  It is understood that this baby panda was born by the Chinese giant panda "Liangbang" who had traveled to Japan, and is believed to be the first male baby panda welcomed in the venue in the past ten years.

However, after palpation on the 21st, people found that the panda did not have testicles, so on the 22nd, the sex was publicly corrected to "female".

According to reports, "Adventure World" had an oolong incident in 2005, when a male panda was mistaken for a female.

  Regarding this oolong incident, the deputy head of the nursery school Nakao Kenko explained: "The reproductive organs of pandas are not fully developed when they are born, so it is difficult to distinguish (gender)." However, Nakao also said, "Both male and female will be raised the same. .

According to the report, due to epidemic prevention considerations, the public appearance of the baby panda originally scheduled for the end of the year will be postponed. The locals will have to wait until mid-January next year to have a chance to see the baby panda "fangrong".