“This year, the State Fire Inspection has carried out almost 340 scheduled and 160 unscheduled inspections to monitor compliance with fire safety requirements in boarding homes for the elderly and disabled, gerontological and gerontopsychiatric centers, special homes for lonely elderly ... during which more than 1.4 thousand violations, "- TASS quotes the response of the press service of the department to the corresponding request.

As a result of the checks, 70 legal entities and 128 officials were brought to administrative responsibility.

The most frequent violations were inadequate maintenance of escape routes, absence or malfunction of automatic fire protection systems and insufficient provision of primary fire extinguishing equipment.

Earlier, RT wrote that State Duma deputy Ivan Sukharev proposed to increase administrative responsibility for violations of fire safety requirements in social institutions.

On the night of December 15, a fire broke out in a private nursing home in Bashkiria, as a result of which 11 people died.