Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) - SPD parliamentary group leader Thomas Kutschaty expects tougher corona requirements, especially for schools, even after January 10th.

"Anyone who thinks we could just go back to regular operations in schools on January 11th is wrong," said Kutschaty of the German Press Agency (dpa).

The black-and-yellow state government must "finally present a sensible concept with a plan B".

"The important thing is to have plans for the period after January 10," said Kutschaty.

"It is to be feared that there will be terrifying numbers of loads in the hospitals between Christmas and New Year."

The federal and state governments had agreed on a tough lockdown with extensive business closings and contact restrictions initially until January 10th.

If the corona vaccinations start, the test capacities for homes, hospitals, teachers and educators would still have to be increased.

To achieve this, “a nationwide infrastructure must finally be built”.

"In this way, we can interrupt the chains of infection in a targeted manner and allow more social life where the tests ensure that there is a high probability that people are not infected."


Particularly in regions where there are still high numbers of infections, one can “not switch to classic normal everyday life”.

Distance rules should also be observed between the students.

"If that is not possible, then you either have to look for larger rooms for lessons or halve the classes, do alternate lessons and use the digitalization options."

The state government must use the time during the extended vacation to ensure that “every child in North Rhine-Westphalia has the opportunity to take part in digital forms of instruction on January 11”.