It is eleven o'clock and outside Mitt i city in Karlstad, the customer meets Harriet Skytte, store employee Anna Mårtensson, who has a bag of Christmas gift books with her.

Anna wears a visor and the two stand several meters apart and exchange a few words.

Local trade at a distance

In total, there are ten excellent pick-up points in the city center, Pickup Points, which allow customers to shop locally from a distance.

All the centre's stores can use Pointsen and when ordering in a store by email or phone call, the customer pays via Swish.

- We have about ten people a day who want to pick up their goods outside the store, says Anna Mårtensson.

Hear store employee Anna Mårtensson and customer Harriet Skytte tell more in the clip.

More work

At Anna Mårtensson's workplace Akademibokhandeln, they think the service is good, but it also gives the staff more to do during the Christmas shopping.

- The phone calls can take 20 minutes sometimes, but we prioritize those who want to shop with us in store, says Anna Mårtensson.

The number of customers who have used the pick-up service since it was introduced on the fourth of December has not been compiled.

- We in Mitt i city use it every day, says Ann-Sophie Redfern, center manager at the mall.