Berlin (dpa) - The Islamist terrorist attack exactly four years ago was remembered in Berlin on Saturday evening with a prayer in the Memorial Church.

More than 100 people, including the governing mayor Michael Müller and the federal government's commissioner for victims, Edgar Franke (both SPD), attended the silent commemoration.

At around 8:02 p.m. - the time of the attack - the church bells rang twelve times.

In memory of the twelve dead, people laid wreaths and flowers.

A heart made of candles was built on the stairs in front of the Memorial Church.

Relatives of the victims and other interested visitors could register in advance for the memorial.

The service could also be followed over the Internet.

The Christmas market was banned this year because of the risk of corona infection.

Prime Minister Müller tweeted the names of those killed on Saturday and emphasized that they had not been forgotten.

In advance he spoke of a deep cut that the attack meant for Berlin.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) said: “We will continue to be there for the victims.

On this fourth anniversary, we think of the families of the victims, the injured and first aiders who are still suffering from the consequences of the attack. "


Archbishop Heiner Koch said at the prayer: «After December 19, 2016, the history of Berlin is no longer the same as before.

... We remember the violence a person is capable of. "

Memorial Church Pastor Martin Germer recalled other attacks and acts of violence such as in Paris, Nice, Hanau and Halle.

"Here, too, we feel connected to the mourners."

A rejected asylum seeker from Tunisia who was traveling in Germany with falsified identities shot and killed a truck driver in Berlin on December 19, 2016.

He killed eleven people with the stolen vehicle at the Christmas market, and dozen were injured.

The assassin fled to Italy, where he was shot a few days later during a police check.

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