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18 December 2020 EU countries will pay 12 euros per dose for the vaccine against Covid-19 developed by Pfizer and BionTech and 18 dollars per dose for Moderna.

These are the prices reported by the Flemish newspaper "Het Laatste Nieuws", which published the screenshot of a tweet of the Belgian budget secretary, Eva de Bleeker, who launched the prices online by mistake.

The undersecretary then deleted the tweet, but HLN screenshotted it and posted it.

For MEP Peter Liese (CDU Germany), head of health of the PPE group, the prices reported in the tweet published by Hln are "realistic".

According to the table, the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is the cheapest (1.78 euros per dose).

For Curevac it is 10 euros per dose, for Sanofi / Gsk 7.56 euros per dose, for Johnson & Johnson 8.5 dollars per dose.

Prices have so far remained confidential, not least because the Commission is still negotiating a contract with Novavax.