Munich (dpa) - Virtual General Meetings and Wirecard: In their “Black Book Exchange” published on Friday, the Protection Association of Investors (SdK) focuses on these two topics in particular.

In the case of the “mother of all accounting scandals”, as the SDK calls the Wirecard collapse, there have been indications of questionable actions a long time ago.

"That Wirecard is doing dubious business has been clear since 2008 at the latest," emphasized SdK CEO Daniel Bauer.

The financial figures were also incomprehensible.

The whole scandal is the "story of a collective failure" - of institutions but also of society as a whole.

In particular, against the supervisory board, the auditors and the financial supervisory authority BaFin, Bauer made sharp accusations.

He accused the board of directors of total failure and a lack of critical distance.

Bauer also accused the EY auditors of not sufficiently following up on information.

Final exams that would be carried out in this way could be saved, he said.

Bauer also announced that he would initially reject EY as auditor in principle.


At the virtual general meetings, the shareholder protectors are calling for significant improvements.

They see the rights of the shareholders in the events "excessively" restricted, as legal director Markus Kienle said.

Among other things, the shareholder advocates criticize the fact that investors have no opportunity to ask questions and ask spontaneous questions.

This cannot be due to the technical conditions alone, says Kienle.

So it would be technically possible to allow questions during the event.

"Many companies are now taking advantage of the restrictions on shareholders' rights to make decisions as" quietly "as possible," he criticizes in the Black Book.