To help you choose, here is a selection of the best planchas.



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Very popular for cooking, planchas are real appliances that have taken over the interiors of French homes and barbecue evenings.

Who are the best models and what do they have more than the others?

Everything you need to know about the plancha

What is a plancha?

The plancha has established itself in some homes as a new method of cooking that is a healthier replacement for barbecue cooking.

This appliance has a large cooking plate (not a grid) on which the food to be cooked is placed.

This design, different from other cooking appliances, allows you to cook without grilling (or even burning) or roasting.

Thus, the plancha is an ode to flavors and healthy cooking.

How to choose a plancha?

If you want to equip yourself with a plancha, you will have to look at different points before making your choice.

First of all, you will need to think about the power to the device: gas or electric.

Then, depending on the use you will make of it, you will choose a model with a more or less large capacity and therefore a proportional cooking power.

This will also determine the number of lights present on the device.

Finally, don't forget to look at the main material that will make up your future cooking element: stainless steel, chrome, steel, cast iron ...: when cast iron is often present on entry-level products, solid stainless steel is the must. absolute.

Why opt for a plancha?

Going towards a plancha rather than a barbecue is generally a choice guided by the taste of the authentic.

With a perfect restitution of flavors, the most gourmets and those looking for a healthy cuisine will inevitably be won over.

Same thing if you want something easy: use and cleaning are maximized.

The selection of the best planchas of the moment

Brandt PLA1322N: a plancha that has proven itself

Brandt PLA1322N - DR

Recognized as an archi-reliable brand, Brandt is no exception to the rule with his plancha PLA1332N which is neither more nor less the bestseller at Amazon.

It must be said that for its price it offers a lot of ease and comfort: a large cooking plate and a power of up to 2,200 W distributed in 5 different temperatures according to your dishes.

The pros and cons of the Brandt PLA1322N plancha:

Most :

  • Amazon's bestseller;

  • A hotplate for 6 people;

  • An inclined plate for the evacuation of fat;

  • 5 power levels.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Brandt PLA1322N here

Philips HD4418 / 20: a plancha for high-performance cooking

Philips HD4418 / 20 - DR

The Philips HD4418 / 20 plancha is like a high-temperature plancha because of its very thick plate which allows all of the heat to be retained throughout cooking.

This offers incomparable cooking qualities.

With 2300 W of power, you won't be disappointed with its features.

Also, all its finishes have been thought out to bring you maximum comfort: handles and non-slip pads, drawstring compartment, etc.

The pros and cons of the Philips HD4418 / 20 plancha:

Most :

  • 2,300 W electric power;

  • A thick baking sheet for a controlled temperature;

  • Cleaning in the dishwasher.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Philips HD4418 / 20 here

Riviera & Bar QPL 630 2200 W: the plancha-grill combination

Riviera & Bar QPL 630 2200 W - DR

You don't want to choose between a plancha and a grill?

Do not worry, it is possible with this model from the Riviera Bar brand which combines these two options thanks to two interchangeable plates.

This electric appliance also offers 5 temperature levels and solid stainless steel finishes for guaranteed longevity.

The pros and cons of the Riviera & Bar QPL 630 2200 W plancha:

Most :

  • The versatility of the product: combined grill-plancha;

  • Large cooking surface: 45 × 24.5 cm per plate;

  • 5 temperature levels;

  • Compatible with dishwashers: fully removable.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Riviera & Bar here

Tefal CB503813 Malaga: an XL plate for more user-friendliness

Tefal CB503813 Malaga - DR

If you are looking for maximum user-friendliness, the TEFAL plancha is the device for you.

With a 1316 cm2 XL plate for at least 8 diners, you can be sure that everyone around the table is in for a treat.

In addition, no fear that cooking will be missed, the multi-position thermostat and the Thermo-Spot function ensure the success of all your dishes.

The pros and cons of the Tefal CB503813 Malaga plancha:

Most :

  • Adjustable thermostat according to the dishes cooked;

  • Thermo-spot function to know the best temperature;

  • Very easy to clean non-stick plate.

The lessers :

  • Its weight: 3.5 kg.

Get the Tefal Malaga here

Le Marquier Vintage Electrica 160 Inox: top of the range in every way

Marquier Vintage Electrica 160 inox - DR

What if you had the ultimate planchas in front of you with this model from the French brand Le Marquier?

Entirely designed in enamelled cast iron for the plate and in stainless steel for the rest, everything has been thought out to offer you a premium and top-of-the-range plancha: power of 3,400 W, adjustable feet for tilting the fat, plate with spout, circular collector , control thermostat… Nothing was left to chance.

The pros and cons of the Le Marquier Vintage Electrica 160 stainless steel plancha:

Most :

  • Incredible 3,400 W of power;

  • A huge cooking plate for 10 people: 60 × 35 cm;

  • Strongest material.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Vintage Marquier here

Planchas are by definition the healthiest cooking equipment available.

Gas or electric, outdoors or indoors, whatever your choice is to find the best plancha.

What is certain is that it would be a shame to do without it


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