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The electric barbecue is the essential accessory to combine conviviality and gluttony.

For successful outdoor moments, barbecue is one of the favorite activities of the French when it comes to having a good time outdoors.

Everything you need to know about the electric barbecue

Use of the electric barbecue

An electric barbecue is cooking equipment which, unlike gas or charcoal barbecues, is connected to an electrical source to cook the food on its grill.

It will therefore be equipped with an electrical outlet and must be close to a power supply to operate.

Practical and compact, it can often be used outdoors as well as indoors.

How to choose an electric barbecue?

The electric barbecue you choose should be selected according to your needs.

So you should first and foremost focus on the power of the barbecue, because depending on this you will be able to assess the performance of the products.

The ideal is not to drop below 1500 W for optimal comfort.

You will also have to compare the material of the barbecue, especially if its use is only outdoor, but also define if you want a model with or without a cover.

Why choose an electric barbecue?

The electric barbecue is popular with many households because it has one main advantage: it can be used anywhere.

Since it does not produce smoke, it can be used on a small balcony without disturbing its neighbors or even on a kitchen table, or even in a motorhome.

In short, in addition to being a great kitchen accessory, it is above all ultra-practical.

The selection of the best electric barbecues of the moment

Moulinex BG134812 Accessimo barbecue: the practical and compact electric barbecue

Moulinex BG134812 Barbecue Accessimo - DR

With its 735 cm² cooking surface, the Accessimo electric barbecue from Moulinex is a barbecue created and produced in France which offers many advantages.

It is very compact, super-practical and above all offers a very good power of 2,100 W which allows it to be taken out on any occasion.

To top it off, the brand offers a 10-year repair guarantee.

The pros and cons of the Moulinex BG134812 Barbecue Accessimo electric barbecue:

Most :

  • A French brand;

  • Power of 2,100 W;

  • Steel cooking grid;

  • Compatible with dishwashers: it is completely removable.

The lessers :

  • Small cooking surface.

Get the Moulinex Accessimo here

Tefal Easygrill XXL BG921812: an electric barbecue with a retro design and quality

Tefal Easygrill XXL BG921812 - DR

With its feet and retro touch, the Tefal EasyGrill XXL barbecue is a classic of its kind.

Add to that 2,500W of power, stainless steel grates for durability and an adjustable temperature thermostat, this barbecue really has everything to be great.

And in addition, it is made in France.

The pros and cons of the Tefal Easygrill XXL BG921812 electric barbecue:

Most :

  • Very large cooking surface: 1,248 cm2 or 48 × 26 cm;

  • 5-position thermostat;

  • French brand;

  • Compatible with dishwashers: it is completely removable.

The lessers :

  • Its price a bit high for a mid-range model.

Get the Tefal Easygrill XXL here

Weber 52020053: the perfection of the brand always there

Weber 52020053 - DR

You can't make a barbecue buying guide without selecting a Weber model.

Considered a must in terms of brand, this Weber electric barbecue ensures healthy and optimal electric cooking.

With its 2-part cast iron grid, aluminum bowl and lid, nothing has been left to chance.

The cooking surface and the power of 2200 W guarantee you great barbecue moments.

The pros and cons of the Weber 52020053 electric barbecue:

Most :

  • A 100% quality brand;

  • Power of 2,200 W;

  • A large cooking surface: 43 × 32 cm;

  • Temperature adjustment dial: Weber Q system.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Weber 52020053 here

Tefal BG9168 Aromati-Q 3-in-1: a three-in-one electric barbecue that is more than operational

Tefal BG9168 Aromati-Q 3-in-1 - DR

In addition to being damn beautiful with its retro design, this Tefal electric barbecue model combines 3 cooking modes and an exclusive function for smoking your food!

With it, you can grill, roast or cook easily thanks to a cooking power of 2300 W, but also clean the appliance without forcing.

Everything is removable and machine washable.

The pros and cons of the Tefal BG9168 Aromati-Q 3-in-1 electric barbecue:

Most :

  • A French brand;

  • A nice retro design;

  • 3 barbecue functions: grilling, roasting and baking, and an exclusive function for smoking;

  • 6-position temperature regulator.

The lessers :

  • Cooking grid that is not made of cast iron.

Get the Tefal BG9168 here

Lagrange 319004: an evolving electric barbecue that has it all

Lagrange 319004 - DR

This Lagrange model allows you to go from a tabletop electric barbecue to a free-standing barbecue in no time.

Performance and innovation are also at the rendezvous with a power of 2300 W and a special grid that allows you to cook large and small foods.

And in addition, this model includes a stainless steel meat pick and a stainless steel windshield to complete the whole.

The pros and cons of the Lagrange 319004 electric barbecue:

Most :

  • Innovative grid which also facilitates the cooking of small foods;

  • Power of 2300 W;

  • Scalable model that can be fitted with optional legs and side shelves;

  • Compatible with dishwashers: it is completely removable.

The lessers :

  • Small cooking surface.

Get the Lagrange 319004 here

You have a complete list for choosing the best electric barbecue.

Select it above all according to your use, your needs, but also your budget.

There is something for everyone anyway.

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