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"We have no choice but to shelter ourselves."

A school in


warned families this way in November.

The center enjoys hours of sunshine due to its location and the temperatures have not yet been freezing on the Barcelona coast, so some parents explain that their children have hardly had to wear the polar fleeces and gloves that make their backpack fat in this course subject to the coronavirus .

A school teacher says that he always

opens the windows about "four or five fingers."

throughout the class and try to leave them wide open at recess.

It remains to be seen if he reviews the pattern in the middle of winter, although he points out that it will be inevitable to open the windows.

The center also proposed "to move the schoolchildren so that they are not always next to the windows" to prevent them from catching a cold, turn up the heating and define adequate hours for the current to penetrate.


Generalitat of Catalonia

has not issued strict orders with which to ventilate the classrooms to prevent Covid.

Each center and even each teacher end up choosing according to their criteria.


Department of Education

recommended in November that the windows be opened about 20 centimeters "between 10 and 15 minutes in each teaching hour", although it also advised that, "as far as possible", they be kept "permanently with the maximum opening" .

The indications -contradictory to each other- do not relieve having to dress up, especially when most of the classes lack air filters.

Valencian Community

Unions and teacher organizations

demand mechanical ventilation systems from

the council, because they renew the atmosphere of a room without the need to be exposed to the cold.

For Education, "natural ventilation is sufficient to air the classrooms."


Valencian Community

will buy 8,000 devices to purify the air, although it will install them only where there is not enough current.

"The regulations are clear in that the temperature in closed spaces must be

between 17 and 27 degrees

. The Department of Education does not comply with it, allowing staff and students to freeze and become ill," reproaches

Carme Rodríguez

, from CCOO.

The union will go to the

Labor Inspection

if the cold in the schools is not alleviated.



teachers union is

also studying to denounce it,

Xavier Díez


, adding another inconvenience: "Radiators are used a lot when doors and windows are open, but the Department has not put one more euro for heating, electricity and supplies. in the institutes. There are secondary centers that are exhausting their game ".

"It cannot be that, so that we do not die of coronavirus, we die of pneumonia in class," says

Pere Forges

, Secretary General of Education at USOC.

Advocates that airing classrooms is compatible with


: "Filters do not do everything and cost a lot of money, but they would help and avoid the waste of heating that is done."

The gadget can cost around

2,500 euros


CCOO argues that it is cheap in the long term and protects against other diseases, such as the flu or measles.

"Forced ventilation is not installed from today to tomorrow and is more intended for operating rooms or airplanes. As things stand and with budgetary restrictions, it is not appropriate", thinks the president of the





Belén Tascón

, in favor of occupying spaces outside schools and promoting outdoor activities to decongest schools and ensure adequate ventilation.

"Having the window open can be useful in


, but in



Vielha it

is more complicated", observes

Cristina Martín

, from UGT, who does not see a guarantee that classes will not freeze: "There should be a whole ventilation system, but now it is impossible because of the installation time and expense required. Concrete guidelines and planning have been lacking. "

Those consulted criticized that Education did not hire enough staff to demass the groups.

"There is not enough ventilation, the transmission depends a lot on the occupation of the classroom. It is necessary to install carbon dioxide meters and filters, but it is useless without reducing ratios", wielded

Beatriz Corregidor

, from the



in risc


Besides, there is no common rule about how to bundle up.

An institute of Badalona advises to go with a

"blanket, polar or similar"

and not to wear a jacket in class, since "it does not seem advisable because it makes movement difficult", reads a circular that admits that "the temperature of the center cannot be the same suitable for winter ".

On the other hand, an institute in


asks that students cover themselves with

"anoraks, fat sweaters or different layers of clothing"

and that they refrain from wearing blankets, "since it hinders their mobility and is not very suitable for the development of classes" .

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