Paris (AFP)

Radio France announced Thursday the signing of a new music agreement with the Civil Society of Phonogram Producers in France (SPPF), which represents more than 2,000 independent producers, to "better expose and promote" the creations broadcast on its channels and on Internet.

The first part of this agreement aims to regulate the use of musical extracts in so-called "native" Radio France podcasts, that is to say specifically designed for the web, as opposed to the rebroadcasting of programs previously broadcast on hertzian waves, for which the public group concluded "general contracts of common interest" in 2012.

The second part concerns the broadcasting of concerts live on Radio France.

The public group and the SPPF have thus signed an "unprecedented standard agreement for the recording and broadcasting of live sound and / or video" in "Radio France's schedule programs for all the labels represented by the SPPF".

Radio France will no longer have to negotiate with them on a case-by-case basis, which should improve the exposure of the artists concerned, whose concerts will be accessible for longer on the internet.

In an interview with Télérama, the secretary general of Radio France, Xavier Domino said that this agreement would allow the group to "increase" its "rights to extend the digital life of (its) musical events".

It will “also allow us to broadcast more musical extracts in our native podcasts, for richer content,” he added.

Riding on the success of podcasting, the public group has been increasing its partnerships since the start of the school year.

He has notably signed broadcasting agreements with Deezer and Spotify, as well as another with the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) to better remunerate native podcast writers.

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