Several Swedish studies on how pregnant women are affected by covid-19 will soon also be presented.

The unpublished information that the authority has read shows an increased risk for the mother to suffer from blood clots and for pregnancy poisoning, among other things.

Therefore, the authority is now issuing stronger recommendations and urges to pregnant women to be extra careful.

Especially important near childbirth

It is even more important to be careful the closer the birth is, says the Public Health Agency's Anders Tegnell.

This applies from week 36 of pregnancy and before the birth, the authority writes on its website.

Anders Tegnell, however, is not surprised by the information about pregnant women's risks.

- It is not uncommon for pregnant women to become more seriously ill with infectious diseases, so it was not surprising, he says.

It is unclear whether pregnant women should be vaccinated

According to Anders Tegnell, pregnant women will not be among the priorities when vaccination begins.

It is still too uncertain how the vaccine will affect pregnant women, and it is not clear whether pregnant women should be vaccinated at all.

- We'll see if they are to be vaccinated.

There is still no data that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women, so you do not usually vaccinate them first, you want a little more data first.

We can only hope that we know relatively soon if this is a vaccine that we can also use on pregnant women, says Anders Tegnell.