Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - The green-black state government wants to equip people in Baden-Württemberg who are particularly at risk of corona infections with an additional 90 FFP2 masks per person.

The action is aimed at people in need of care in inpatient facilities (approx. 100,000 people) and their relatives, disabled people in inpatient facilities (approx. 23,000) and people in facilities for the homeless (approx. 5,000), announced the State Ministry on Thursday night in Stuttgart with.

In total, around 11.5 million additional masks would be provided as part of this protective measure, and they should be distributed across the city and rural districts.

The state is thus strengthening an already existing federal initiative that wants to provide members of a corona risk group across Germany with up to three free FFP2 masks through pharmacies in December.

In January and February, those affected will then have to pay two euros for six masks.

People who are older than 60 years of age, as well as certain previously ill and high-risk patients, for example, benefit from this initiative.

The Federal Ministry of Health is assuming costs of 2.5 billion euros and around 27 million beneficiaries across Germany.

FFP2 masks are particularly effective at filtering particles, but also do not offer 100% protection.


In addition, the country says it has procured five million rapid corona tests as an emergency reserve.

These should be allocated, among other things, to hospitals and nursing, preventive, rehabilitation and handicapped facilities, which had previously received too few tests from the federal government, it said.

The emergency reserve should be distributed quickly, purposefully and unbureaucratically.

According to the state, staff in old people's homes and care facilities should now be tested with an antigen test twice a week.