Halle (dpa / sa) - Tourism in Saxony-Anhalt also recorded a significant minus in October compared to the same period in the previous year.

The number of overnight stays was around 749,900 and thus eleven percent below the previous year's figure, as the State Statistical Office announced on Wednesday in Halle.

274,200 guest arrivals were recorded, 19.4 percent less than in October 2019. The losses were the highest since July of this year.

The winners were the campsites with an increase of 56.3 percent in the number of guests and an increase of 71.9 percent in overnight stays compared to the same month last year.

Holiday homes and apartments also registered 8.2 percent more guests and 12.7 percent more overnight stays, as it was said.

In contrast, youth hostels and huts recorded 46.6 percent fewer guests and 44.6 percent fewer overnight stays than in October 2019. The hotel industry received 21.8 percent fewer guests, and overnight stays fell by 14.7 percent.

According to statisticians, Saxony-Anhalt's accommodation providers recorded 2.1 million guest arrivals and 5.6 million overnight stays for the entire period from January to October 2020.

That corresponded to a decrease in the number of guests of 31.2 percent and in the case of overnight stays a decrease of 24.8 percent.


Press release from the State Statistical Office of Saxony-Anhalt