[Global Times reported by reporter Chenyang] The "Tajiang" light frigate, known as the "aircraft carrier killer" and high expectations of the Taiwan Navy, was launched on the 15th.

According to the plan, the Taiwan military will build three ships of the same level in the first batch, and construction of about 10 ships will be started one after another. All of them will be in service around 2026, becoming an "asymmetric combat power" against the PLA.

  Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” stated on the 15th that the Taiwan Navy had served the prototype ship “Tuojiang” as early as 2015. After many improvements on the basis of its use, the newly built “Tajiang” was officially launched on the 15th.

The launching ceremony was also held at the same time as a fast mine-laying boat developed by the Taiwan military.

The leader of the Taiwan authorities, Tsai Ing-wen, personally presided over the launching ceremony that day.

Tsai Ing-wen declared that the two types of ships (the "Tajiang" and the fast mine-laying craft) have high-speed maneuverability, of which the "Tajiang" has been improved in performance and has more powerful strike firepower; The system is the world's first technology."

"I believe that the addition of these two classes of ships will be able to cooperate with the battlefield environment, make tactical planning more flexible, and achieve the combat goal of deterring and delaying landing on the island."

  According to the information released by the Taiwan Navy, the "Tajiang" uses a catamaran stealth design with a maximum speed of 30 knots.

Although the ship’s displacement is less than 700 tons, it is densely packed with "Xiongfeng-2", "Xiongfeng-3" anti-ship missiles, 76mm main guns, "Haijian-2" air defense missiles, and "Phalanx" close defense. System and T-74 platoon machine guns and other weapons.

In addition, it is also equipped with 3D air search radar, plane search radar, fire control radar, threat warning electronic detection system, and jamming missile launch system.

  The Taiwan Navy preached that the "Tajiang" is equipped with both the "Xiongfeng-2" subsonic missile and the "Xiongfeng-3" supersonic missile. They can choose different trajectories to launch multiple attacks on their targets.

At the same time, the "Tajiang" can use its stealth and rapid performance to quickly approach the target, making the enemy ship caught off guard and becoming an "aircraft carrier killer."

According to the plan, the first three "Tajiang"-class light frigates will be completed in 2023.

  The report also mentioned that in addition to the Taiwan Navy, Taiwan’s “Marine Patrol Agency” is also using the “Tuojiang Ship” blueprint to build “Anping” class patrol ships. The first two ships were delivered at Kaohsiung CITIC Shipyard on the 11th.

"Maritime Patrol Administration" officials stated that in addition to general law enforcement, this patrol ship, which uses the same hull as the "Tajiang"-class light frigate, is equipped with a missile launch and radar combat system modular platform, which can be added at any time during wartime. Equipped with "Xiongfeng" series of missiles to carry out attacks on ships.

In order to verify the relevant combat capabilities, in next year's "Hankuang" exercise, the "Anping" patrol ship will launch the "Xiongfeng" series of missiles.

  Although Taiwan’s performance of the "Tajiang" was blown out, the outside world is not optimistic about this "small horse-drawn cart" model.

The US "Diplomat" website previously commented that Taiwan’s light frigate is blindly piling up weapons, just like the firepower of a destroyer that is stuffed into the hull of a torpedo boat. It not only affects the navigation performance, but is also limited by the tonnage of the ship. Air-to-air and sea-to-air search radars have no way of using missile performance.

In addition, this kind of stealth fast battleship usually uses "wolf pack" tactics to perform sea strikes, and its ability to collect battlefield intelligence is weak, and it needs the support of other platforms. However, this networked theater intelligence system is precisely the current Taiwan military cannot provide. of.