At the end of November, Ivo released a report showing that all regions of the country had failed in the care of the elderly during the corona pandemic.

Region Sörmland is currently analyzing the criticism and does not want to comment on what they have come up with so far.

However, the region reveals that one of the areas that is being looked at more closely is a lack of communication.

In the case of Karin Wigertz, this is exactly what happened when a doctor, according to relatives, made a decision about care at the end of life without informing either the patient or the relatives about it.

- We see from the review that we have started and also from the review that Ivo has done that there are some shortcomings regarding documentation.

It is a work that we have begun to review.

We make a deeper analysis to be able to understand what the problem is in order to be able to take measures, says Marie Björnstedt Bennermo, patient safety manager at Region Sörmland.

The region's ongoing analysis work will form the basis for an action plan that the region will develop until Ivo by mid-January.

In addition, the regional board has decided to conduct its own review of records from covid patients at, among other places, special accommodation.