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The Court of First Instance and Instruction number two of Estepa (Seville) has recently issued an order,

transforming the proceedings initiated against rapper José Miguel Arenas Beltrán

, known as Valtònyc, into an

abbreviated procedure

for an alleged hate crime against the Civil Guard during a concert held in Marinaleda, as reported by the Unified Association of the Civil Guard (AUGC) and

judicial sources

have confirmed to

Europa Press


According to the AUGC, during a concert held on March 31, 2018 in the Sevillian town of Marinaleda, governed by the veteran day laborer leader Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo (Colectivo Unidad de los Trabajadores, CUT), who has governed the municipality uninterruptedly since 1979, the mentioned rapper would have appealed to the public to act against the Civil Guard.

"Kill a fucking civil guard tonight,

go to another town where there are civil guards and kill one

, put a fucking bomb on the prosecutor at once," says the association as the words uttered by the singer and subject of the complaint.

"Irrational hatred against the Civil Guards"

On account of this, they mediated a complaint for an alleged hate crime by the AUGC, initiating proceedings in this regard with the Seville Prosecutor's Office and a legal case being opened by Court number two of Estepa, which after the investigation of the matter and according to Legal sources have indicated Europa Press, it

has issued an order for the transformation of the proceedings into an abbreviated procedure

, requesting the parties in them to pronounce themselves in the sense of presenting an accusation statement or requesting the dismissal of the case.

For the AUGC, "the singer's demonstrations



an attitude of irrational hatred against the civil guards

. That day at the concert, Valtònyc urged his audience to attack civil guards, and his words cannot be understood as part of the freedom of expression, since it is not about the lyrics of one of his songs, but rather an intention directed at a large group of people, with the consequent risk that this public will carry them out. "

The Mallorcan singer fled Spain in June 2018, after being sentenced by the National Court for crimes of

glorification of terrorism to two years in prison and a year and a half more for insults to the Crown

, a sentence handed down for crimes committed between 2012 and 2013 and later confirmed by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court.

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