▲ People's Power Kim Jong-in, Chairman of the Emergency Response Committee

In addition, the Democratic Party commented, "I respect that apology," and "I will wait for today's apology and resolution for renewal to be put into practice" in response to the apology of the people's power of the people, Kim Jong-in, head of the Emergency Response Committee.

Spokesman Shin Young-dae said through a briefing, "The people remember the power of the people who apologized while Chairman Kim knelt in Gwangju, but at the plenary session voted against the May 18-related bill." I also remember the way I opposed it.”

He asked, "Now, I hope that words and actions will match. If apology and reflection are sincere, I want you to show them in action.

Aiming at the conflict within the party prior to the public apology, he added, "I hope that Chairman Kim's apology is not an individual reflection, but a reflection and apology of all the people's strength."

(Photo = Yonhap News)