December 15, 2020 "People are a little tired and would like to get out of it, even if someone dies, never mind".

This is the unfortunate sentence pronounced by the president of Confindustria Macerata, Domenico Guzzini, speaking of Covid, last night, during an online event dedicated to fashion.

At the "Made for Italy for Fashion" event, organized by the industrialists' association, Guzzini was talking about the economic repercussions of the pandemic, indicating the sectors that have suffered the most in fashion and tourism.

"As you know, a very meager Christmas awaits us because they are even thinking of further narrowing - he added -. This also means going to block a retail that was getting up for the second time from a crisis and are putting it back on its knees again. I think that people are a bit tired of this situation and would like, eventually, to get out of it. Even if someone dies, never mind. But in this way, in my opinion, it becomes an impossible situation for everyone ".

The controversy broke out and Confindustria Macerata closed its Facebook page, which now appears "not available".

The video with the intervention of Guzzini containing the offending sentence has been removed from the social channels and Youtube.

"I sincerely apologize to everyone and in particular to the families affected by the Covid drama, for the sentence I uttered yesterday during the Made For Italy Forum. I was wrong in the contents and in the ways. I was talking about company life and job prospects and instead, taken from the discussion I made a wrong statement, which does not represent my thought nor that of the Association I represent ", wrote the president of the Macerata industrialists in a note, saying he was" very saddened ".

"Only when I listened to the declaration again - he explained - did I realize how serious and distant it was from what I think. That is, that the most important good in the life of each of us is health and family".