China News Service, December 15th. According to foreign media reports, on the 14th, Maria Van Kokhoff, the technical director of the WHO's health emergency project, said that although Santa Claus is old, he is "immune to the new crown." He can still travel around the world and distribute gifts at Christmas.

On November 14, local time, in a shopping mall in Pennsylvania, USA, a piece of Plexiglas was erected in front of Santa Claus, and the children interacted and took photos with Santa through the glass.

  At the press conference that day, Kokhov said in response to a reporter’s question, “I understand the concerns about Santa Claus because he is old”, but she said that Santa Claus is “immune” against the new crown virus. "We had a brief conversation with him and he is in good condition."

  But she also emphasized that children should not forget to keep social distance with Santa Claus.

  According to statistics from the Johns Hopkins University website in the United States, as of 6:26 am on December 15, Beijing time, 72.66 million people have been diagnosed with the new crown worldwide and nearly 1.62 million have died.