Cottbus (dpa) - The board of directors of the regional soccer division FC Energie Cottbus has ousted President Matthias Auth.

One day after his 53rd birthday, Vice President Axel Harnath and Georg Kapplinghaus also had to leave the committee, as the "Lausitzer Rundschau" reported on Monday evening.

«We are trying to realign the FCE with all our might.

We had to take very drastic measures and ensure that Matthias Auth, Georg Kapplinghaus and Axel Harnath were released from the Presidium.

We voted on the board of directors and withdrew their trust.

The logical consequence is that they are exempt from any committee work, ”said René Markgraf, chairman of the FCE board of directors, of the“ Lausitzer Rundschau ”.

At the joint meeting of the Presidium and the Board of Directors, Auth, who had succeeded Werner Fahle as President on December 23, 2019, had to resign.

Sebastian Lemke was appointed the new President, making him the only member of the Presidium to remain in office.

In addition, the Board of Directors has appointed Hagen Ridzkowski and Ralf Lempke to the Presidium with immediate effect, and Ridzkowski takes over the position of Vice President.


Article in the Lausitzer Rundschau