Berlin (dpa / bb) - Another 25 people fell victim to the corona virus in Berlin.

This increased the number of deaths to 846, as the health administration stated in its daily status report on Monday.

With a further 1008 cases, the number of infections rose to 79 806. Of these, 59 579 people are now considered to have recovered.

The Berlin Corona traffic light continues to show red twice. At 197.5, the 7-day incidence is still well above the highest warning level of 30. The value says that 197.5 out of 100,000 people had one in the past seven days Infection was discovered.

27.4 percent of the intensive care beds in Berlin hospitals are currently occupied by Covid 19 patients.

The limit for the highest warning level is 25 percent.


The situation with the so-called R value is comparatively more relaxed.

The reproduction number indicates how many other people are infected by one infected person on average.

Here the traffic light is green with a value of 1.02, at 1.1 it would jump to yellow.

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