U.S. capital supports and opposes Trump protesters clash, several people were stabbed, 23 people were arrested

  According to a CNN report, the police in the US capital Washington reported on December 13 local time that at least 4 people were stabbed and at least 23 were arrested during a protest in Washington DC on the evening of the 12th due to dissatisfaction with the results of the presidential election.

  The day before, a large number of protesters and anti-protesters who supported Trump gathered outside the US Supreme Court to protest and support the results of the presidential election.

Most of the people involved in related activities did not wear masks.

  Since 7 pm on the 12th, 8 people have been transported from the protest site to the hospital by emergency medical services (EMS).

According to the Special Administrative Region Mayor’s Office, the four stabbed victims were seriously injured, two policemen received non-fatal injuries, and two others were slightly injured.

  The mayor's office also stated that at least 23 people were arrested during the protest.

Among them, 6 people attacked the police, 10 people attacked others, 4 people acted violently, 2 people crossed the cordon, and 1 person had a prohibited weapon.

  According to videos circulating on American social media, riots and sporadic physical contact have occurred in some areas of Washington.

(CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)